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Consumer Goods

Get in touch to find out how we can offer you a solution to your next consumer goods project, or perhaps if you want to sub-contract the work out. Don’t forget, with our in-house powder coating plant, full assembly department and state-of-the-art machinery we can accommodate a large range of small to high volume parts and components in the white and consumer goods marketplace.

Vending machines

Shower enclosures & tray fittings

Motorbike components


Key cabinets


Clock rims

Retail fridges/coolers


Door signage

Gaming machines

Fly insectocutor machines

How it’s Made

Computer GPU Bracket

A case study following the prototyping of a set of brackets to hold a graphic processing unit (GPU). The enquiry came from a start-up business looking to create a universal support bracket that can be utilised in any PC casing which involved laser cutting, engraving and bending.

Computer Card Bracket

Home Security Display Unit

This manufacturing case study follows the prototype process of manufacturing a display for a home security brand which had to include a tamper / theft proof stand for the display model.

Prototype POS Retail Display

Work with Us

Work with Us

Whether you’re looking to redesign or prototype your parts, components or project, or simply want a new mass or batch manufacturing partner, please get in touch with us at Constant, sheet metal fabrication experts, for a quotation.

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