Infrastructure Parts and Components | Constant Manufacturing | Manchester
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Infrastructure Parts and Components

With our advanced laser cutting machine and skilled CAD engineers we can also design bespoke components to fit a purpose you have in mind. Get in touch with us at Constant to see how we can help.

Cabinets and enclosures

One of the regular requests at Constant is to design, manufacture and assemble tailored made secure cabinets, bespoke system enclosures or storage chests for our clients.


Constant pride themselves on being a specialist manufacturer of railway infrastructure parts and bespoke apparatus. We have experience ranging from the parts that are on the train to recent projects that include the manufacture of LED retrofit headlight units in powder coated stainless steel to trackside support components.

Shelf racking components

With a suite of automated, self-loading, CNC punch machines, we can produce medium to high volume runs of shelf racking brackets and components for your next supermarket or store shelf racking order. Recent projects include a national re-fit for a large pharmacy, changing a large proportion of the shelving and display bracketing.

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How it’s Made

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Work with Us

Work with Us

Whether you’re looking to redesign or prototype your parts, components or project, or simply want a new mass or batch manufacturing partner, please get in touch with us at Constant, sheet metal fabrication experts, for a quotation.