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Medical Sector

With a range of experience we can be relied upon to manufacture high-quality metal based medical units and accessories for your client or own medical establishment

Medical cabinets

These vary in strength and structure to securely store valuable, dangerous and controlled medicines. Depending on the end user’s requirements will dictate the structure, locking mechanism and steel grade used. We have also designed and manufactured cabinets with built-in indicators alerting staff to tampering such as LED lights and alarms.

Medical accessories

From surgical steel trolleys, dressing trolleys, clinic and medical trolleys to full on treatment and examination couches, Constant has a wealth of experience and can add value to your manufacture.

Medical signage

With our in-house engraving machines, screen printing services and powder coating plant we can produce a range of internal and external building signage in various colours, finishes and styles.

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Work with Us

Work with Us

Whether you’re looking to redesign or prototype your parts, components or project, or simply want a new mass or batch manufacturing partner, please get in touch with us at Constant, sheet metal fabrication experts, for a quotation.