Sheet Metal Batch Production - Constant Manufacturing
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Sheet Metal Batch Production

With our expansion from a 32,000ft2 factory to 50,000ft2 we were able to create dedicated welding bays for batch production projects.

This weld stud bay is used by one of our experienced welders, for a range of batch production contracts. You can see his jigs and templates arranged around the bay to allow him to align and set up the parts to be weld studded.

Sheet Metal Batch Production

Metal shelf racking welding jigWe don’t just use jigs for volume batch fabrication, we also design and manufacture our own jigs for prototypes or short batch manufacturing projects. The time it takes to make a jig is minor to the benefit of accuracy, precision and production benefits it brings for the welders.

The jig to the left was designed by our CAD engineering team to enable the shelf racking arms to not only be welded at the set 90o angle required but allow for 5 brackets to be welded on ‘a run’.

If you are looking for a sub-contractor for your next batch metal manufacturing project, then please get in touch to