Sheet metal burn reduction magic... - Constant Manufacturing
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Sheet metal burn reduction magic…

Every now and again the shop floor team need to touch up some of the work either provided to us, as a sub contractor, or due to the penetration of the welding process. An example of weld burns below.

Example of weld burns

In our short video you can see one of our craftsmen applying a magic wand to the metal after dipping it into a secret potion (as he called it). Before your eyes the burn marks blend into the metal work.

First step is charging the electric wand with the solution then apply the solution to the metalwork via the wand. You can see the small electric charge sparks during contact.

Small electric charge sparks during contact

He then cleans it down with a new clean soft cloth to take any residue of the solution away.

Cleans it down with a new clean soft cloth

And voilà. A perfect finished piece of metal work is revealed.
Finished piece of metal work

Find out more about our sheet metal work capabilities at Constant Manufacturing.