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Sheet Metal Fabrication and Workers Explained

What is a Sheet Metal Fabricator?

A sheet metal fabricator is typically a skilled craftsman specialising in reading drawings, producing flat patterns, cutting, bending, welding, and assembling sheet metal to create a range of products, parts and projects to customer specifications.  It can involve one or several processes from laser cutting to TIG welding, all carried out by this type of multi-skilled craftsman.

With the advancement of CNC machinery in the last two decades, the term sheet metal fabricator often refers to a company such as Constant Manufacturing, rather than a job role. Sheet metal fabricators are multi-skilled companies who undertake all aspects of sheet metal work and specialise heavily in welded components and assemblies.

Sheet Metal Fabricator

What is a Sheet Metal Worker?

A sheet metal worker is a skilled craftsman who can work with metal in various ways. A sheet metal worker will be able to produce the flat pattern, cut, form, bend utilising both modern equipment and hand tools to deliver the finished product. A sheet metal worker is normally responsible for manufacturing the part from start to finish being multi-skilled, although they typically do not get involved in welding. This term is often confused with Sheet Metal Fabricators (above) due to the close link of skills they both possess. Over half of our staff are skilled sheet metal workers.

In a busy factory likes ours sheet metal workers are fantastic for fulfilling prototypes or small batches. When the production runs become larger in volume the individual processes involved in making the part are separated so that the part can be made more efficiently and cost effectively but obviously not at the expense of quality.

Sheet Metal Worker

Did you know: All of our CAD engineers started off as sheet metal workers, and up-skilled to the positions they are now in…

Sheet Metal Fabricator