Spotting our Telecoms Cabinets… - Constant Manufacturing
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Spotting our Telecoms Cabinets…

We manufacture, here at Constant, telecoms cabinets found on high-streets, side streets and busy city centres. This week we spotted a frame for one of our many cabinets going through the various stages of the factory while we filmed our newest case study… here’s where we found it.

We first caught sight of it being welded. The welder was using a range of welding types to tack and weld up the joints.

Telecoms Cabinet - Welding

Once welded it was ready to be linished by our team of polishers and grinders.

Telecoms Cabinet - Welded

We shot some videos for our latest manufacturing case study, and as we left the factory floor we saw the cabinet had been smoothed and cleaned up, ready for powder coating.

Telecoms Cabinet - Linished

Telecoms Cabinet - Linished

We thought that may be the last we saw of the metal frames, but we then spotted one snuck in between some finished cabinets, painted in green, ready to have it’s doors and inner cabling attached for the client to install onsite…

Telecoms Cabinet - Painted


So the next time you’re walking the dog, or taking the kids to school, keep an eye out for those grey, green, blue and brown electrical boxes on the roadside. There’s a chance it’s been manufactured by us, here in Manchester.