The making of box section water tank frames - Constant Manufacturing
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The making of box section water tank frames

Although on our website you’ll see us documenting a range of fully manufactured assembled metal point of sale displays and DOOH screens, we also have a large box section division that creates some key structures and frames from shelf racking metalwork to a water tank frame we caught going through the factory this week.

We were commissioned to work on a suite of large and sturdy metalwork frames to hold a few tonnes of liquid weight. This meant the use of larger than normal box section pieces to be cut, in-house, and then fabricated by our welding team as per our CAD engineers drawings.

Welding box section tank frames
Welding box section tank frames

We had to use a heavy stainless steel box section for the frame, firstly due to the intended purpose, but also so it didn’t warp. A thinner, lighter, type of metal box section wouldn’t have sustained the weight of the liquid.

Once welded, including bracing sections to help the frame withstand the weight of the liquid that it’ll secure, the linishing and grinding team were tasked with smoothing down the frames and metalwork.

Stacked box section frames
The frames prior to despatch were polished to a grained finish.

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