How it’s Made: Strongarm GPU Bracket - Constant Manufacturing
Constant Manufacturing are experts in precision sheet metal fabricated parts, displays, components and fully assembled pieces, based in Oldham.
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How it’s Made: Strongarm GPU Bracket

In the middle of March, we were contacted through our website to manufacture a set of prototype brackets to hold a graphic display card (graphics processing unit aka GPU). The enquiry came from a start-up business, GPUStrongarm, looking to create a universal support bracket that can be utilised in any PC casing.

How it’s Made Video:

How it’s Made Case Study:

Step One – Customer Enquiry and Drawings

We were delighted to help a local Manchester business, so started by creating our 3D model based on their initial drawings sent with the enquiry. We drew up the designs in SolidWorks, and then the drawings were exported to Radan to create an NC program for processing on our Trumpf laser cutting machine.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - Drawings

Step Two – Laser Cutting Aluminium

The next stage was laser cutting. This project is made from 3mm aluminium sheet which was specified by the customer. We suspect the reason for aluminium, over mild steel, will be due to a few factors; firstly, the aluminium’s lightweight properties (it doesn’t weigh as much as steel), it’s durability, and its thermal properties, all of which making it ideal for internal components in a PC case.

We made three pieces in this prototype phase. Two for the customer, and one for revisions internally. We keep one in case the customer requires amends and we need to reference the finished prototype.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - Laser Cutting

Step Three – Engraving

At Constant we have a dedicated team of metal engravers and screen printers to add all those finishing touches onto metal projects. This project required engraving of their brand name, and a serial number. Once the pieces were finished on the laser cutter, they headed to our engraving department to be engraved.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - Engraving

Watch the video of the part being engraved…

Here’s the finished engraved parts, looking splendid.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - Engraving

Step Four – Bending

The next part of the bracket’s journey was to the press brake machines. The press brake operator was responsible for reading the engineering drawings and imputing the correct information so that the machine knows the exact positions of all the bends and the angles required.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - Bending

Each bend was then processed, taking time and care to make sure nothing was over bent or out of alignment.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - Bending

Like all projects undertaken at Constant accuracy is key from cutting through to assembly, and the bending is no different. Our press brake operator regular checks the dimensions of each bend using a pair of digital callipers.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - QA

Once the bend was checked, the operator popped it back into the press brake to create the last bends and finish the piece.

Step Five – The finished pieces

The finished pieces were packaged up and delivered to the customer.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket

GPU Strongarm’s Photograph

The customer chose to paint the prototypes to try out colour ranges, before the final production run. We’re pleased to share their photographs of the finished brackets.

How it’s Made: Metal Bracket

* Please note, the GPU design is registered with the WIPO.